Reasons Attending College of Education is better than University Education As A Professional Teacher

By | February 3, 2021
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Reasons Attending College of Education is better than University Education As A Professional Teacher

If you are planning to become a professionally trained teacher, it would be useful to read.

Help yourself to discover the 4 reasons why attending a College of Education is better than a University degree.

This related to university degrees to study education-related programs in Ghana.

As far as becoming a professional teacher is concerned, SHS graduates can opt to go to the universities like the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and the University of Education Winnebe (UEW).

However, the second option is to receive the same training in a College of Education.

The prestige of attending the university and obtaining a teacher’s degree is losing prominence. It is becoming a bad choice for many university-trained graduate teachers.

10 Reasons Attending College of Education is Better than University
Teachers are employed by the Ghana Education Service after completion of the training. Thus when they are through with national service and passed the teacher licensure examination.

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Attending a College of Education can better position you for the same qualification given by the university.

Below are the factors to support the school of thought and help you make an informed choice.

1 Colleges of Education offer degree programs

Today, the 42 Colleges of Education offer Bachelor’s Degrees in Education. The degrees for various programs are the same as those offered by their university counterparts.

These colleges are also affiliated with universities. This ensures the tertiary level requirements are met for the award of 1st degrees to students instead of a diploma.

2 Job security for CoE trained teachers

After students in the colleges and their counterparts in the universities have completed their programs, those from colleges have a higher chance of being employed by the GES.


Thus, there is more job security for them while the university-trained teacher does not have any hope of being employed. Their chances are very slim. The GES simply prefers CoE trained teachers to those who study the same programs in universities.

3 CoE students receive the government allowance, University students do not

Teacher trainees enjoy government allowance while in school. This fund cushions them while they are in school learning.

However, those in universities will have to secure a loan from SSNIT. This is to be paid back later in life with interest accrued.

Thus students who study education-related programs in universities may accumulate debt after school.

4 National Service to acquire hands-on job skills

Today, graduates from the Colleges of Education take part in the compulsory national service. Thus they acquire additional practical skills and experience to make them ready for the job.

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Apart from the prestige of attending a university to acquire an education-related certificate, teachers trained in universities cannot boast of being better than their counterparts.

If you are thinking of enrolling as a student to become a professional teacher in the future, you have to take the right decision.

Others are suffering today, haven has undergone training as teachers in the universities.

The government seems not to recognize their presence, and they are stressed up.

Teachers who receive their professional training in the colleges can after two or three years of teaching apply for study leave. Once granted they can study on leave with pay at the university.

The choice is yours, be strategic in thinking, choice, and plan, and let the challenges of teachers trained in the universities serve as your caution provider.


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