GES releases 2020 SHS self-placement guidelines

By | February 21, 2021
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GES releases 2020 SHS self-placement guidelines

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Ghana’s Education Service (GES) ahead of the release of the 2020 SHS placement today Sunday has outlined some SHS self-placement guidelines to assist the 2020 BECE graduates to do self-placement at the CSSPS module

It in a statement copied to said BECE candidates who were not automatically placed in any of their five choices should visit any of the CSSPS website or to do self-placement.

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GES 2020 SHS self-placement guidelines

  1. Ensure that your compulsory Day option is within your catchment area where you can conveniently commute.
  2. In the case of Technical Programmes, ensure that you consult the
    school register to verify that the schools you select offer your desired
  3. Do not choose schools based on where your friends are going or what programmes they want to read.
  4. Do not leave school choices to an internet cafe attendant in the case of self-placement.
  5. Do not assume that you can choose a school as a Day Student and switch to Boarding upon admission.

Parents and guardians have been urged by Ghana’s Education Service (GES) to take a keen interest in their ward SHS self-placement, candidates similarly have been encouraged to go by the SHS self-placement guidelines.


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